internet marketing consultant - search engine website optimization and positioning by Melissa Bruckler

internet marketing consultant: Search engine website optimization and positioning services by Melissa Bruckler

Internet Marketing Consultant Services by Melissa Bruckler

Internet marketing research shows that 85% of internet users rely on search engines to locate information on the web. These are your potential customers. If your website cannot be found, at least within the first 30 listings of the search results, it’s a lost customer. How many customers are you losing each day because your website cannot be found within the major search engines?

The goal of an all inclusive internet marketing campaign is to increase exposure at every point of internet-contact for potential customers. Search engine website optimization and positioning methods increase the websites exposure in the target market and ultimately to create bookings or purchase. Initially, a search engine website optimization campaign, linking program, and PPC (pay per click) search engines can be used to target potential clients and significantly increase the number of website visitors.

Steps in an effective Internet Marketing Campaign

For personalized service in developing and implimenting your internet marketing campaign e-mail Melissa Bruckler.

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